Hello! I hope you had a warm, safe, satisfying Christmas with your friends or family. I’m stuffed and tired. But now it is that time of year! Time to look back and take stock, time to look ahead and strategize for the coming year. Marketing and advertising are changing faster than any of us can learn it or take it in so you are not alone. There are NO experts anymore, only those of us willing to suggest what might happen. I will say again to keep experimenting, discard what is too pricey for the results and try new methods while you test, test, test. Trust me. In the next few years, there will be something new we never even considered before.

There is only one major small business marketing trend this year, in my opinion, and it is this:


Smartphones and tablets. Information on the go. This is a great article on how these are replacing the PC as a “personal computer”.

By the end of 2011, the majority of Americans will have converted to a smartphone of some sort. iPad and their competitors will continue to pick up momentum. (Can I say again how much I love my iPad?). All of this creates both a challenge and an opportunity for marketing your small business.

The challenge? Making sure your site is optimized and user-friendly on a mobile device. This may mean dishing out some cash to a developer to design a mobile version of your site. Check elance.com or odesk.com for developers who can do this for you affordably. It isn’t necessarily a fun expense, but I believe it will be increasingly necessary this year. Video will continue to be a smart choice for mobile as it is easier to digest on a small device than text. Consider whether an app is appropriate for your business as well.

The opportunity? Reaching more potential customers than ever, especially when they are in the mood to buy, have a real need or are in your vicinity.  How will you take advantage of this new small business marketing trend?

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by Steven Schlagel