Does your business suffer from any issues or problems? Well, of course it does. All businesses do. There is a key phrase you must remember though — “Successful businesses solve problems. Unsuccessful businesses don’t.” If you find yourself getting stuck from time to time, it might just revolve around your ability to solve those issues. I recommend two things to think about in that problem solving process.

Write It Down

The first thing is, when an issue or problem arises or a hurdle pops up that you’ve got to overcome, write it down. If you don’t, it’s going bug you until you get to the point where you’ll either solve it or you’ll ignore it, and we don’t want to ignore it. Let’s write it down instead! Set a specific time every week for this. I like to solve problems during leadership team meetings that we have on a weekly basis. Perhaps you have those meetings too could do that on a weekly basis. Introduce this issue-solving process as part of that meeting. They key is that you need to write the problems down and have a forum for solving them.

The Three-Step Method

Secondly, you need to have a methodology for actually coming up with a solution that’s going to work, and I recommend a three-step process. I use the acronym CDS that stands for clarify, discuss and solve. Clarify is so important because most businesses don’t solve problems. They address the issues, but don’t solve the actual problem. 50% of your issue-resolving time is probably simply clarifying what the real issue is and not getting stuck trying to solve symptoms. It doesn’t work. You need to spend the time to clarify what the real issue is, and then and only then, do you go into the discussion phase.

The D in CDS is discuss. What are the parameters? What are the issues? What surrounds it? What are the types of things we need to be thinking about in order to come up with a solution?

Then the S portion is to solve it, to actually come up with a solution. I find that if you clearly identified what the real issue is, the solutions usually aren’t that hard. They’re generally simple to come up with. They might be difficult to implement, but they’re not that hard to come up with.

So remember that simple methodology–CDS. Clarify it. Spend the time. Always ask the why. What’s the real issue? Go deeper, deeper and deeper. Be a two-year-old. and ask “Why? Why? Why?” Keep asking the question. Get deep and figure out what the real issue is. Only then should you move forward to discuss it. Then, you can easily solve it.

Once you’ve solved the problem, don’t just quit there because someone needs to be put in charge of implementing that solution. There needs to be a step-by-step plan to get it done in a timeframe to ensure it will be accomplished. If you wrap that together, this can be a great issue-resolving process for your organization which will help you to be a successful business. Don’t get stuck by not having a methodology for solving issues and problems within your business. I encourage you to do just this. Get it in place right now, if you don’t already. Do it and make it happen. Your success depends on it!

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