Today, we’re talking about how to find the right people in your organization. In the previous video, I talked about the fact that people aren’t your greatest resource. The RIGHT people are your greatest resource. We need to make sure we get the right people coming in, put them in the right seats in our organization, and be much more successful because of it. How do we find the right people? The first step in the process is making sure that we’ve clearly defined what our culture is, what our values are, and the core character that we’re looking for. Remember, 89% of people get fired for lack of fitting into a business’s culture, so you want make sure you’re clear about what that is so you can communicate it in the interview process, and make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with people that exemplify the culture that you’re trying to create in your organization.

Recruiting 101

What do we do now? Now we recruit. You need to always be in a constant state of recruiting for new people. This is extraordinarily important because, when you think about it, if you wait until you have a job position, you’ll have a limited number of candidates who happen to be looking at the time and, likely, it’s not going to be the right person. If you’re recruiting all the time, you’re always looking for right people. You may not have a job to put them in at that moment, but you want this influx of the right people available to you so that you can see them in those key places. If you have someone who doesn’t fit very well in your organization, then they can be replaced with this new person that you’ve recruited. If you’re not recruiting all the time, you’re not going have the talent that fits within your organization. So how do we do that? It’s easier said than done, it seems.

The biggest mistake that most companies make is that they recruit through only one or two processes. They might put an ad in the newspaper or they might use Craigslist because it’s online and it’s free in most places. Others will just wait until someone applies. Those are both rather non-purposeful ways to get that done. This is your business and we want to create as many doorways into your business as possible.

Where To Recruit

Should you be looking online? Yes, there are plenty of online services where people share resumes and job openings, but you can also use word of mouth. Talk to all of your spheres of influence and let them know that you’re always recruiting and looking for good people. Describe the culture of your organization to them so that they can describe it to others. It will draw people in who want to be a part of that. You can use ads in newspapers and other places and you can promote from within. Sometimes that’s a source that you want to pursue, and sometimes it’s not.

In my option, this is one of the neatest ways to recruit. Where are the best people? The best people already have jobs for the most part, right? They’re already working somewhere else. If you want to reach them, you pretty much have to go poach them. Is there anything wrong with talking to someone who already has a job about the opportunity that you have? They may not be totally satisfied with the job they are in and, when they see the culture that you’ve created in your business, they may want to be a part of that. So don’t exclude these individuals, reach out to them. If you see someone you respect and think would really fit in your business’s culture, seek them out and talk to them.

Recruiting and Beyond

There are many, many ways you can create additional doorways into your business and again, you need to be recruiting all the time. After that, you need to have an HR process. This is the topic of future video, but the HR process really defines how you will go through the interview process. There should give some specific steps and very specific questions that you ask every single time to find the character traits, values and attitudes that you’re looking for. You want to be very, very careful that they really are the right person, and that you have standards for who you’re going bring into your business.

I hope you enjoyed these thoughts on how to find the right people for your business and I encourage you to check out our other videos to help you find breakthrough solutions for your organization.

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