We have talked about how important weekly leadership team meetings are, the benefits that we would get from them, and even what they ought to look like. But that’s not the only meeting that we have…

#1 Weekly Leadership Team Meetings

The weekly leadership team meeting makes sure that we stay on track with our quarterly objectives so we actually get things done, and so we can meet our one-year plan and our three-year goals. If you think about it, the weekly leadership team meetings really only deal with the issues at hand each week. We should also have a quarterly leadership team meeting.

#2 Quarterly Leadership Team Meetings

The purpose of the quarterly leadership team meeting is to take a look at the quarterly objectives we had for the past quarter and whether or not we accomplished them. You’ll identify some issues with regard to things that didn’t get accomplished, and also set your objectives for the next quarter. Once we’ve accomplished what we needed to do for the first quarter, in the second quarterly meeting we say, “These are the specific company rocks and individual rocks that need to get done in order to continue to stay on track to meet our one-year plan.”

#3 Annual Leadership Team Meetings

You guessed it, there is one more meeting and that is the annual leadership team meeting. Once a year, we get together and evaluate if we reached our one-year objectives. We set a one-year plan, but did we actually get there? If we didn’t, we identify issues that need to be solved going forward to make sure that we get it accomplished in the near term.

Not only do we report in on whether or not we got that done, but we also set our objectives for the next year. Where do we want to be in the next year in order to be on track and meet that three-year plan? So we set the next year’s goals as well as the next quarter’s goals. The annual meeting is a good time to come together to look at the wonderful things you did get accomplished and set the objectives for the next period.

Why Accountability Just Works

Each of these types of meetings are extremely important because if you don’t write these things down, you’re not going to get them done. There have been many studies that say you have at least a 50% better chance of accomplishing things when you take the time to write them down. Writing things down gives you clarity so you can see where you are going, but that accountability phase of weekly leadership team meetings, quarterly meetings and annual meetings will ensure that you continue to make progress. You’re not only going to write it down, but you’re going to stay accountable and get it done. You are the one who sets what you want to accomplish, and so it’s all up to you!

Take that action. I can’t emphasize enough how important that is. If you do keep yourself and everyone on your team accountable, you’ll make tremendous progress. This progress that you make from week to week, month to month and year to year will revolutionize where you’re going in your business. So get on it!

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