We’ve talked about the importance of having a weekly leadership team meeting, now it’s time to talk about a very specific agenda. I like to have an agenda so we stay on track. We don’t stray from it, we’re very focused, and we make very productive use of that time.

In a leadership team meeting, we typically have two components. One is reporting in, and the second is issue solving.

Part 1 – Reporting In

The reporting in section of a leadership team meeting might include reviewing our weekly scorecard or dashboard to make sure that we’re on track and that the company as a whole is where it needs to be today.

Secondly, we want to check in with respect to the rocks that we committed to, the 90-day objectives. I like to go through each of those that we committed to and make sure that each member says, “Yes, I am on track.” If they’re not on track, we’ll have an opportunity in the issue solving portion of the meeting to take a look at why we’re not on track, and see if we can provide additional help or resources. This process ensures that we’re all committed and that we’re all actually making progress to get things done.

The third reporting phase is to take to a look at our to-dos. At the end of each leadership team meeting, we should say to one another, “These are the things that I pledge to get done during the next week to make sure that I’m on track with my quarterly objectives.”

Part 2 – Issue Solving

Each week you’ll come to the table with a few specific activities or actions that you said you could get done this week. You’ll be asked at the leadership team meeting if you got those things done. Then as a team, we’ll look at each of those items and to the extent that you did or did not complete them, and we’ll deal with it in the issue solving section. The purpose of this part of the meeting is to work together to come up with a solution to help make sure specific items get done in the future.

Accountability Is Vital to Progress

This agenda is simply a tool just to make sure that we stay on track. It is important that we are held accountable by someone is asking us the question if we got our to-dos done and if we are making progress. The big thing I want you to remember is that I know we’re all putting out a lot of fires. We have a lot of things going on. We’re very busy in our business, but we need to take at least baby steps to move forward from week to week. If we just take those little steps and continue to make progress, you’ll be amazed at the amount of progress that you can make over the course of a week, a quarter, or even a year.

It is vital that you stay accountable in your business. You can have the greatest plans in the world, but if you’re not accountable to stay on track, it’s not going happen. Don’t procrastinate! Start to implement these weekly leadership team meetings. Do it the same day every week, same time every week, no excuses, everyone is there.

If you’re solo and you don’t have a leadership team, that’s not a problem. Make sure that you find a friend, a relative or business associate to hold you accountable, review your scorecard, and ask you those important questions.

Remember that every time you wrap up a weekly leadership team meeting, you set your new to-dos for the next week to make sure that you continually make progress. Do it and you’ll be surprised at how great the results really are.

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