Facebook, despite all the recent hoopla over privacy, continues to expand its applications and features and online shops has some promise for you retailers. Lest anyone forget recent Facebook stats, I’ll remind you again: Facebook has 400 million registered users- 200 million of which get on every single day! Originally I was only aware of Storefront Social, but doing research for this post revealed several others. All are applications that allow you to set up or attach an e-commerce site directly on Facebook. In fact, there’s some discussion on whether it is possible that Facebook will become the next huge online shopping mall, ala Amazon and Ebay.

Setting up a few products as a trial run seems like it would be an easy-to-implement idea for retailers who have and want to build up their online presence. All of the sites, including Storefront Social, Payvment, and Big Commerce’s Facebook app seem straightforward and fairly easy to use. Of all of these, Payvment is the most complicated BUT it also allows you to accept PayPal which can improve sales. Big Commerce’s app requires you to have THEIR shopping cart/ e-commerce system to tie into Facebook. All in all, my vote is for Storefront Social which allows you to link directly to your existing e-commerce site and add product inexpensively (36 items for $4.95 per month-total, not per item). My only “beef” is that the tab is called Storefront versus a call-to-action like Shop Now!

So in the spirit of multiple marketing doorways, if you already have an existing e-commerce site, I’d love to hear if you’re considering or have implemented a shopping feature on Facebook?

Here is a Payvment FB storefront: New Hope Beads.

Here is a Storefront Social FB storefront: The Boutique Mommy

Here is a Big Commerce FB storefront: Mint & Berry

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by Steven Schlagel