A wage slave can be freed and find financial security. Most though, will never choose freedom. Most don’t even know they are slaves. The term wage slave is an interesting one and many possible definitions can be found.

Most definitions focus on the idea of an employee, one who works for someone else. Sure, they have a boss they are accountable to, but isn’t that the norm? Don’t most people have a boss, a steady salary, some level of security in their life, and even a retirement plan? Isn’t that the American way?

The typical employee doesn’t think of themselves as a slave, but are they … are you?

Slave or free?

The problem for most employees is that they don’t like their job. They aren’t pursuing their passion, doing what they love.

One of the biggest issues employers have today is employee motivation. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Their job is just a paycheck, they need it so they can pay their bills. It’s a necessary evil, one that must be done so that they can have time-off to pursue their passions.

The lucky ones, you say, are those who have jobs doing what they love. Why don’t you have a job like that?

Many wage slaves say they like their job security. They would never consider the risks of being on their own. Security?? Perhaps the current economic crisis and the massive loss of jobs will wake them up to the truth.

The reality is that when you work for one employer, you are at the whim of that one person or organization. A personality conflict, a mistake, a downturn in the economy and you could find yourself with absolutely no job or security.

It’s a choice!

Everyday that you go to work as a wage slave you make a choice. You decide this is the best you can do. Is it the best you can do?

Think about what you’d do if you knew you couldn’t fail. What is your passion? You have gifts and talents, attitudes and desires that make you unique. If you could be working towards building a business of your own, pursuing that passion, what would you choose … slavery or freedom?

But I need my security!!

The life of an employee is at the whim of the employer. That security you worry so much about is just an illusion. If you are able to establish a small business you will have many customers, many bosses if you will. If you have that personality conflict, mistake, or downturn in the economy and that customer fires you, he’s only one of many.

You have far more security being the owner of your own small business than having one employer. Usually, a significant number of your customers would have to “fire” you before you go out of business. It seems to diversify your risk having many bosses rather than just one, don’t you think?

The challenge

Take the time to read through this entire site. Invest in yourself, no one will do it for you. Perhaps you will find a way to safely begin your journey to freedom. It’s a choice:  will you choose freedom?


by Steven Schlagel – June 21, 2009