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The Value of Data in Your Business: The Future

Let's talk about the last piece of data. In the last two vlog posts, we talked about data in the past (financial statements) and data in the present (scorecards, dashboards, etc.), and now we're going talk about the future. How do we use data to take and create the...

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The Value of Data in Your Business: The Present

We're talking about data, and in the last video we looked at understanding data relative to the past or historical financial statements. Today we're going take a look at data in the present, and the next time we'll take a look at data for the future. So, what is it...

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The 3-Step Process to Resolving Issues in Your Business

Does your business suffer from any issues or problems? Well, of course it does. All businesses do. There is a key phrase you must remember though -- "Successful businesses solve problems. Unsuccessful businesses don't." If you find yourself getting stuck from time to...

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Issues in Business: 7 Simple Ways to Not Solve Problems

Today we're going to talk about seven key ways to ensure sure that your business never solves a problem, never solves an issue, and continues to be stuck for the rest of your life. That's kind of a tongue in cheek approach, but it's something for you to think about....

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The 7 Keys to Great Decision Making

Let's talk about seven great ways to make sure that we solve issues in our business. I like to call them my seven keys to great decision making. The 7 Keys to Great Decision Making #1 The first key is to remember that consensus management fails every single time. When...

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The 6 Step Marketing Strategy: Defining Your Guarantee

Today I want to talk about guarantees. In our marketing and sales process, sometimes we find that customers are a little bit nervous about actually making the purchase. Online Examples Just think about Amazon. It's an example that most people are aware of and...

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The 6-Step Marketing Strategy: Defining Your Proven Process

Do you have a sales process? A written sales process that defines the life cycle of your customer with your business? Is it important? Should you have one? Of course you should! Otherwise, we wouldn't be talking about it. What is a Proven Process So this is what it...

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Vision: The Value of a 1 and 3-Year Plan For Your Business

How important is vision within our company? It's hugely important. How can we expect to have everyone going in the same direction and focused on the outcome that we're looking for without a clear vision that is succinctly stated to everyone on our team? Create Your...

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The Four Aspects of Good Leadership: Giving Clear Direction

Today, we're at the third in a series of four posts on the fundamentals of great leadership in your business. This third aspect is all about giving clear direction to your team. Clarify Your Vision The first step to providing a clear vision for your team is to ensure...

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