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Accountability: The 90 Day Action Plan For Your Business

In previous videos we talked about the importance of knowing where we want to be three years from now, and then scaling it back to what do we need to do in the next 12 months to get there. We're looking at the accountability key here and how important it is to be able...

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Data Articles & Videos

The Future of Employee Medical Benefits

Employee medical insurance benefits often complicate things for small business owners, and that fact is unlikely to change. Recent developments in the employee medical benefit arena offer some good news, some bad news, and some options yet to become available. You...

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Business and Ideas for Starting or Buying

This article on is on getting into business and ideas on whether it is better to start a business, buy a business, or acquire a franchise business opportunity. My article on finding profitable business opportunities goes into much more depth. Start a business from the...

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Small Business Optimism on the Rise?

Optimism about the economy is on the upswing, according to recent surveys. Big indexes are reading well - with high holiday sales, record cyber sales, and reduced unemployment. But, really - just how do small business owners feel? A recent survey of small business...

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Issues Articles & Videos

3 Bad Habits That Can Kill Your New Business Venture

Starting your own business? You'll be faced with a wide variety of bad habits to conquer. Many of these result from simple human nature. You'll be full of a desire to do all the work that you can, you won't want to hear about any bad news, and, most likely, your ego...

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Timing the Decision to Fire

Employees often fire themselves. Setting aside the employee who deserves to be terminated for cause –theft, sexual harassment, drunkenness, and so on – small business owners are often stressed about when to determine an employee has no future. Behavior issues...

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10 Tips to Help You Fire an Employee

Small business owners occasionally have an obligation - in the law, in good business practice, and in good faith - to fire employees. There is no simple way to fire an employee - no way to do it without emotion or lasting memories. Plan the event:  Decide where, when,...

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Focus Articles & Videos

Get Focused: 6 Steps to a Solid Marketing Strategy

I want to give you a little introduction to marketing strategy. We'll go through six additional videos that will get more in-depth on our overall marketing strategy, so this will simply be an overview. #1 Let's first touch on our target market and understanding who...

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People Articles & Videos

20 Key Character Traits Your Employees Must Have

Alertness Resourcefulness Orderliness Respectfulness Attentiveness Hospitality Thriftiness Initiative Diligence Responsibility Thoroughness Punctuality Flexibility Dependability Creativity Decisiveness Determination Persuasiveness Patience Loyalty   By Steven...

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Employee Recruitment: Character Matters

Recruiting employees is not that hard. Finding the absolute best employees, well that is another story. Seems the old standards of character are hard to find in our culture today. Any employer would be blessed to hire employees of high integrity, work ethic, diligence...

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Processes Articles & Videos

Transformation Testimonials | Beer + Showing Up

Beer Assisted Speech When I was in college I had a huge fear of public speaking. Every time I signed up for a new class if I saw there was a speech requirement I’d immediately drop the class. No way was I going to stand up there an stumble through it. I had a mental...

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The Four Fundamentals of Good Management: Taking Action

Today we're looking at the second part of our four post series on the fundamentals of management. We are going to talk about taking action. By taking action, we're talking about two things: #1 Have The Conversation The first step to taking action is having a periodic,...

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Transformation Testimonials | Booming Management

Many years ago I was hired to help guide a business through a significant period of growth. This was before I could articulate the 7 Timeless Keys to Business Mastery. The company had less than 10 employees but was poised to grow to over 50 within 2 years. The...

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Vision Articles & Videos

How to Identify The Core Character of Your Business

Let's continue our talk about how to develop a really great team. In our previous two videos, we talked about how important it is that YOU are the right person and that you have the prerequisites to good leadership and good management. Now...

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