big bold goalsSuccessful entrepreneurs and small business owners set big bold goals. Gary Vaynerchuk will own the New York Jets. LeBron James will be the first billion-dollar athlete. Tim Ferris will only work 4 hours in a work week. Hyundai will be the biggest car company in America (and who is scared? Toyota. )

Small business owners and entrepreneurs like you might have said “want to” to these audacious goals, but the examples above say “will”. Both the size of the goal and forming it as a statement of fact will likely take them much further than the average person.

Think about it. If you state a small goal and you don’t get all the way, you’ve made progress but it is very minute progress. If you state a BIG BOLD goal and you don’t get all the way, you’ve likely made a lot more progress-and racked up some significant accomplishments along the way.

Why don’t people do this more? Two things I think: fear of failure and fear of work. Failure is inherent and you simply can’t avoid it. YOU WILL FAIL, and repeatedly, if you are pursuing anything of value. Fear of work is another matter. Our examples above work really, really hard but, in most cases of success stories like theirs, it doesn’t feel like work because they are passionate about what they are doing. Are you?

Shut your eyes and imagine a big, bold, audacious goal for yourself and/or your business. Notice how instantly uncomfortable it makes you and what thoughts come up. Set that goal any way and do it in a positive manner (no wishy-washy “want to’s”). Every day, ask yourself and your team (which could be employees or could be your family)

“What do we need to do today to get closer to achieving that big, bold goal?”

You will grow. Your business will grow. Your team will grow. Just by setting one big fat goal and taking incremental steps to achieving it.

Don’t aim low. Aim high. Tell us YOUR goal here.

by Steven Schlagel