We’re looking at how to develop a really great team, and we said it starts with you, starts with us, we who are in leadership and management. It’s all about how we approach it. We recently covered two of four prerequisites to being a great leader and manager in your business. These were genuinely caring about our employees and purposefully developing the culture that we want. The attitudes, character, and values that we want to surround ourselves with and to serve our customers with. Let’s cover the final two prerequisites. They both fall under this little acronym that I like to use — UWC: understand, want and capability.

UWC: Understand, Want, Capability

Whenever I hire someone into my organization, the very first thing that I do is I take a look at what their attitudes, character, and value are. I want to make sure they’re the right person, they’re going to fit in my organization, and they’re going fit with the rest of the people who are here. Then, once I have a role for them, an outcome that I want them to provide for my business. It’s their seat within our organization, and before I put them in that seat, I wanna make sure they understand it, they want it, and they may have the capability of doing it (UWC). I’m going make sure that I’ve painted a very clear picture so that they understand what this role entails and what their job is going to involve. They have to really understand it before I bring them on board.

Secondly, even if they understand it, I want to make sure that they want to do the job. If they don’t want to do it, or they really don’t care about it that much, they’re gonna be your typical unmotivated employee, and of course you want self-motivated employees. Frankly, you can’t motivate anyone long-term, so you need to find people who are self-motivated. Those are the ones who want it.

So they’ve got to understand the job, they have to want to do it, and even if they have those two, they still need the “C”, which is capability. They need to have the skills and the intellectual, emotional and physical capability of doing the job that you have for them. While each of these characteristics are important on their own, we need all three to make the relationship work. Understand it, want it, and have the capability to do it.

A Look at Leadership

With respect to you as a leader and a manager in your organization, let’s look at leadership. You need to understand what it means to be a good leader. Coming up soon, we will cover the Five Keys to Being a Good Leader. You’ll want to take a look at that so that you understand for sure what it means, and that you really want to be the manager. There are a lot of people who start a business and enjoy doing what they are doing, but they really don’t enjoy actually running the business and being the leader of the business. If that’s the case, at some point you’re going to need to bring someone in who really does want to do that. So it’s important that even you understand, want to do it, and then have the capability to do it.

While it is hard sometimes, we must have the intellectual capability, the emotional capability, and the physical capability in order to be a good a leader. On that same note, you must also “UWC” management. You must understand what it takes to be a good manager. You must want to manage, enjoy the process of management, enjoy dealing with the expectations and the communication that goes back and forth. And then, of course, do you have the capability? Do you have the skills to be a good manager? They can be learned, but you have to have the intellectual and emotional capability to do it. All of these must be taken into account to determine whether or not you are going to be a good leader and a good manager.

To recap, the four prerequisites were genuinely caring about our employees, building the culture by bringing in people who share our culture, our attitudes, values and character. Thirdly, that we understand, want, and have the capability of leading, and that we understand, want and have the capability of being a good manager. If we’ve got those prerequisites, that’s the foundation and we can build from to create a really great organization, making sure that people are our best resource, not our most difficult one.

I encourage you to check out our other videos for more breakthrough solutions that you can use in your business, and check back soon for tips on how to identify the core character of your business.