Buy or Sell a Business

There are many issues involved in buying and selling businesses. Read my articles on buying and selling businesses by clicking here. When you are ready to proceed on a business purchase or sale you should get a business valuation. Setting the proper value is vital to avoid paying too much or selling too cheap.

A business appraisal let’s you know what the real value of your business is. But when should you get the company appraisal? The time to be valuing a business is now, not just when you are selling it. If you only do a company valuation when you sell, the only benefit is knowing what it was worth. Why not go further?

If you get a business valuation now, you will find out what factors drive business value and can spend the time between now and when you sell your business focusing on those factors that build value. By doing this you will maximize the value you are creating when building your business.

As a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) I understand business, wealth creation, and building successful and valuable enterprises. I can help you determine value and consult with you on how to build value in your business.

In addition, as an attorney and CPA I have helped a number of people just like you buy and sell businesses. Contact me if you’d like to have that knowledge, wisdom and experience aid you in your small business.

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by Steven Schlagel