The training you need can come in three different forms, depending on your unique situation. Each of us learn differently and have different needs. Let me share a little about each so that you can decide what makes the most sense for you.


As a small business owner you don’t have time for college classes. Even if you did, most of the classes are focused on getting students a credential and are often not very practical when it comes to what you need to know to succeed.

The small business teacher or trainer provides just what you need. Classes are done through seminars, webinars, and teleclasses.

A seminar is a live in-person teaching session, often in the evening or on the weekend. A webinar uses your internet connection to provide remote attendance at a training session and is typically only 1-2 hours at a time. The teleclass is a training session conducted on the telephone. A number of students all call in and are all part of the same call that is led and taught by a small business teacher.

In addition, for those who prefer reading books or listening to audio, options are available to do so with follow up questions with an instructor.


When we think of coaching we think of sports. The coach works with the athletes to bring out the best in them and gives them direction that allows them the very best chance to succeed.

It’s much the same in small business coaching. Having been there and done it many times, the coach can work with you to bring out the best in you and give you the direction you need to succeed. After evaluating your needs the coach comes up with a specific plan to meet those needs and then coaches you to a successful implementation of the plan. With your hard work and the coach’s knowledge, wisdom and experience, you will have the very best opportunity for success.

Depending on your needs and budget, the coaching can be in person, on the telephone, by email, or a combination of the three.


The small business consultant comes to you as an expert, whether it be in starting a business, marketing, employee motivation, developing business plans, tax reduction strategies, cash flow improvement, buying or selling businesses, or wealth creation. I share my knowledge, wisdom and experience to solve the problems you are facing.

Together we will discuss and analyze the results you’re looking to achieve and create a plan of action for you to move forward on. The focus of consulting is to accomplish a project that will enhance and improve your business.


Which is best for you? Classes, coaching, or consulting? It depends on your needs and budget. Any one of the three options may make sense, or even a combination. I am often asked to provide training in a combination of ways to meet certain business owner’s needs.

If you need help deciding, just contact me and I’ll help you decide which plan is best for you.


by Steven Schlagel