Today, we’re in the second of a set of four posts on the fundamentals to great leadership. The first fundamental was making time to work on your business, and the second is creating opportunities for your team. Think about it. If I can make every player on my team successful, then I will be successful by default. If you look at a really crummy team, they usually have a really crummy leader. If you look at a really great team, they usually have a really great leader. It is incumbent upon you to make your team great and them all of the resources and tools that they need to be great.

Provide Resources

What are those resources? These might include time from you to coach and mentor them. It might be giving them the training that they need, making sure that they understand their job well. Ensure that they understand what they’re supposed to do because you’ve gone out of your way to make sure they got the training, whether it was provided by you or someone else. You give them the technology they need and the staffing that they need. It’s really important that you serve them in this way. Give them every opportunity to succeed and, more likely than not, they will. In turn, you’ll be successful too.

Learn How to Delegate

You must also learn how to delegate well. Most people I know aren’t really that good at delegating, so I’m going give you a quick little tip here. Draw a big circle and put a line through the middle of it. In the top half of that circle, I want you to fill in the things that you do every day in your business that you are great at doing and that you really love. On the bottom half, fill in the things that maybe you’re sort of or not really good at doing, and you don’t really like doing either.

Once upon a time, my Mom said, “You need to be a well-rounded person, son.” And I said, “Really? I’m not sure I want go there.” I think that’s true for most of us in business. We should be focusing on the things that we’re really good at and where we really bring value. This is true for our employees too. We don’t have to be good at everything and we don’t have to try to like everything. We should focus on what we’re really good at.

Look at the things on the bottom half of your circle. There is likely someone else on your team who actually likes doing those things. It’s not that you are dumping stuff you hate on someone else, you’re simply trying to find people on your team that enjoy doing certain tasks and that are probably far better at them than you are. These are the things you delegate.

Everyone is Happy!

Now look at the things on the top half of your circle. This is where you spend your time! It’s not just you, it’s everyone. You’re really looking at the rest of your team and saying, “Hey, I want to make sure that you are working on things that you are good at and that you really love doing.” If you can break apart your business and get the right people doing the right things, you’ll find that you can be very successful as a leader. Create those opportunities and it will make a huge difference in your business.

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