In the last video, we talked about how important it was that we have processes, and why they’re significant to us. Now, let’s look at how to get them done.

Keep it Simple

One of the reasons that processes don’t get documented is because people take a much too granular and detailed approach to doing it, and it becomes such an overwhelming project that you can’t even get there. What we’re going to do is simplify that process because I want you to think about the fact that there are probably five to seven really core processes within your organization. That is where you should start.

One of those processes might be human resources, the process of bringing people on board. It could be the sales process, or the marketing process. Whatever it might be, identify those five to seven key processes and make a commitment to document them.

How to Approach

How do we document processes? We want to keep it simple, so we’ll create it in a bullet-point format. Let’s identify the major steps in the process in just one or two pages, then we’ll insert three to five sub-points to each of those steps.

Approach it on a chronological basis — what’s the first thing that needs to be done? The next thing? And the next thing? If you keep it very simple, you’ll be able to document those key processes rather quickly so you can get them in place and get people used to following them. Keeping it simple makes it more likely that your team will actually look at it and follow it.

Why We Do It

As time goes on, in each of the different areas of your business, you may develop more processes, more checklists and more procedures for getting things done. This will provide you with consistency, scalability, and make the training process much easier.

We want to have a very efficient business that can accomplish those things. So I encourage you to take action right now and make a commitment. Get something out. Get your phone out and pop up your calendar, or whatever you use for a calendaring system, and make a commitment as to when you’re going get that first process documented. If you take the time to do it now and write it down, you’ll likely get it accomplished, and you’ll take one more step toward success for your business.

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