We’ve covered how important it is to have a healthy business, and now we’re going to start a series of four videos on what the four disciplines are in order to have a healthy business. The first discipline of a healthy business that we are going to cover today is the importance of having a cohesive leadership team.

There are few things more valuable than a leadership team that pulls together and is all on the same page. They have open and honest communication with one another. They’re not playing politics and they’re not looking out for their own best interest, but they’re looking out for the greater good — what is best for the organization and for their team. They really exhibit servant leadership with respect to the whole organization. They don’t take personal shots at one another, and that is really, really important.

The Importance of Meetings

One of the ways that we help to build this cohesive leadership team is through the meetings we discussed in regard to accountability. Per that discussion, it is important is to make sure that we have weekly leadership team meetings. The purpose of these weekly leadership team meetings is to make sure that we are accountable for accomplishing the objectives of our organization. And when I think about that accountability, it’s also being accountable to be a healthy team.

How To Meet

When we have these leadership team meetings, two-thirds of the meeting time should be spent on solving issues and problems that are in the organization, as well as pursuing opportunities. This makes us get things out on the table, so to speak. Issues and problems that have arisen in the business are easily discussed. We treat each other with respect, and take a look at how to solve these things together with open and honest communication.

When these the meetings are done and done the right way, team members learn to be open and honest with one another. They get on the same page and suddenly there is no worry of division or or divisiveness within that group of people, and this can make a huge difference for the organization as a whole. This is the first step to building a cohesive leadership team and an overall healthy business.

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