Today, we’re looking at the second video in our series about the Four Disciplines of Healthy Businesses.

We’ve talked about how important healthy businesses are, and recently, we looked at how having a cohesive leadership team made a huge difference. Now we’re going just a little bit further to look at organizational clarity. It kind of sounds boring, but it’s not. What I mean when I say “organizational clarity” is in regard to the leadership team making sure that everyone is getting on the same page with respect to the vision, where you’re going, the processes that are used within your organization, and the values and the culture that make up your company. We need to make sure that we have clarity within our organization. Clarity allows us to make progress and to be successful. When we don’t have clarity, we have confusion. And remember, confusion was an indicator of an unhealthy business.

The Vision

When we work through the Seven Keys to Business Mastery, we always take a look at vision so that everyone knows where we’re headed — where we’re going to be a year from now and three years from now — so we’ve got a good idea of what that looks like. We look at the culture of our business, the character, values, and attitudes of our best people. We make sure that we surround ourselves with like-minded people. We need to protect that culture within the business and that everyone is clear about what our culture is. Organizational clarity includes being clear with regard to the culture that we want to have, that we want to protect, and that we want to grow. It also includes having a vision and understanding of where it is that we’re going.

The Processes

And then, our processes. We need to make sure that we actually have written processes that everyone is following. This allows us to make sure that we have a consistent experience for our customers and a consistent experience within the organization as a whole. It’s up to you, the leadership team and the management team to make sure that you’re extremely clear with everyone so that everyone can gather around that central idea and head in the same direction. And when you do, you’ll have organizational clarity. And when you have organizational clarity, you’ll have mastered the second step to having a healthy business.

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