Today, we’re looking at the third discipline of healthy businesses and it has to do with communication. Not just communication, but overcommunication. Can you overcommunicate? Maybe sometimes we think we can, but there’s a little phrase that I’ve always enjoyed and it really is true… “Seven times before you hear it the first time.” What that that is really saying is that repetition is important. Repetition makes sure that we begin to capture what it is that we need to know.

Make It Stick

Sometimes we wonder when we tell our team something once, why didn’t they get it? What’s wrong with them? The reality is that we’ve all got a lot of things going on. We’re thinking about a lot of different things, and sometimes we have to hear something multiple times in order for it to really stick. A great leadership team that is building a healthy organization knows that it has to overcommunicate its message all of the time to get everyone on the same page.

Keep It Simple

When you’re communicating, remember to keep the message simple. Get to the point. Keep the message clear and communicate it frequently. Remember that it is seven times before you hear it the first time!

Multiple Mediums

So you’re making sure that your message is simple and that you’re communicating it multiple times, and now you must be sure to communicate it in multiple mediums. People learn differently. Some people learn by hearing, some by seeing, some by doing. Think of all the different ways that you can communicate with each of your team members so they can best learn what it is that you’re sharing with them. This is key!

Keep the message simple and overcommunicate it in multiple mediums. This will give your team the best chance of learning it. This all encompasses the third discipline of a healthy business. Thanks so much for visiting. Check out my other videos for more ideas on how to break through and reach the next level in your business. And, if you like this video, please subscribe.