Today, we’re looking at the fourth discipline of a healthy business, how you and your leadership or management team can ensure that you’re going to have a healthy business, which leads to greater success.

The fourth key is value-based thinking or culture-based thinking, and what I mean by that is that we need to truly understand what our culture is within the business. This is the values, character traits, and attitudes of our very best people. We want to have that culture spread throughout our organization. We need to have that commonality in order to be a truly healthy business.

Value-Based Systems

This also means we need to have value-based systems in place. This means that when you’re recruiting, hiring and bringing people on board, you need to be able to communicate what your culture is. Communicate what those character traits, values, and attitudes are so that the person coming on board understands what is expected of them. And if they don’t fit, we want them to select themselves out and not come in. If they do fit, they know they’re going to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Reward and Recognize

It’s not just enough to recruit and hire that way, however. We also need to make sure that once we have people on board, we’re reminding them of those same traits by rewarding them and recognizing them for exhibiting those particular traits. This means there is ongoing growth that’s happening within the organization. Everyone knows that we really value this culture and this is who we are.

When everyone knows that and how important that is, then they’re going to adopt those values and show them in a better way. Then when you do your annual performance reviews, going back to those character traits, values and attitudes is going to be hugely important.

It’s said that at least 89% of people who are fired from their jobs are fired for character issues, values issues, attitudes issues, and only 11% are fired for lack of skills. So during the review process, don’t just review their skills and performance in that regard, be sure to spend a significant amount of time looking at whether or not they’re exemplifying the character values and attitudes that should be present within your organization.

Protect The Culture of Your Business

The last component is that if someone doesn’t represent the culture of your business, because you are value-based, you’re going to remove them. They need to move on and find an opportunity with another company where they’re going to fit in better. It’s better for them, and it’s better for you because it’s totally important for you to make sure that you protect the culture of your business.

You have to protect the culture of your business. When you have this cohesive culture where everyone shares the same values, character traits and attitudes, it can transform a business. You’ll be healthy, and you’ll be able to accomplish the objectives that you’ve always wanted.

Remember that value-based or culture-based businesses are among the most healthy of all, and that is the fourth and final discipline of a healthy business. Thanks so much for visiting. Check out my other videos for more ideas on how to break through and reach the next level in your business. And, if you like this video, please subscribe.

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