When you are first drafting, or later revising, your company’s Web site, don’t underestimate the power of your “About Us” page. For new visitors, this can be a key component of creating interest in delving further into your site, your service or product offerings and can help lead to a sale.

About Us pages should tell a story and the more personal and rich, the better. Whether you own a retail establishment or you own a trade service like plumbing, you and your business have a story! Are you the first generation or the 5th to own this company? If your is a multi-generational family-owned company, tell an anecdote about the company’s founder. If you established your company, tell about the dream that led you there. Are you the only entrepreneur in your family? Did you leave a corporate job to pursue your dream? Help the reader know who you and the company are.

What sets you apart? Is it customer service, fast turnaround, unique properties. If you know your Unique Sales Proposition (USP), you should know what sets you apart. Are you the only company who specializes in uniforms for plus-sized workers or one of a handful who ship products within 24 hours?

This is a great spot to plug in a testimonial. “John, a customer for the last 5 years, says we are ‘lightning fast and always leave the place clean after we complete a project!'”. Have you won industry awards? Mention it here.

List your business philosophy, trade organizations and link to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Don’t forget the nuts and bolts: quick overview of services, hours, how to reach you.

Make your About Us page keyword rich. This is a place for search engines to locate you so if you specialize, make sure that is clear in this page, using a variety of keywords to describe what you do.

If a customer is finding your site through a random online search, they will likely look at you and a few of your competitors. Take every opportunity to stand out!


by Steven Schlagel