A word of advice when dealing with employees: expect success, allow failure! If you allow employees the authority and responsibility to carry out many of the activities that are necessary for the success of your business they will be more motivated and fulfilled. Do you like being micro-managed? Build a motivated and fulfilled employee who can take authority and responsibility and your job gets easier.

The problem is that many employees are afraid of making a mistake, losing a deal or taking risks. Failure means to miss a goal and sometimes reflects negatively on an individual or group of individuals when it should be teaching them something. How do you use their failure? An opportunity for further growth and further responsibility? If you don’t, how do you suppose they’ll ever get there?

Your job is to be sure they aren’t chastised for failure but that it’s used as a learning experience to make everyone better. It’s hard to be successful if you’re always looking over your shoulder. You don’t make mistakes … right? We all do, that’s how we learn.


by Steven Schlagel