What are you the best in the world at? Let’s get focused on what you and your team do best and build a crystal clear marketing strategy around that. Customers ultimately decide your success or failure, and this Key will teach you how to develop relationships with them by focusing on the value you bring.


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The 6 Step Marketing Strategy: Defining Your Guarantee

Today I want to talk about guarantees. In our marketing and sales process, sometimes we find that customers are a little bit nervous about actually making the purchase. Online Examples Just think about Amazon. It's an example that most people are aware of and...

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The 6-Step Marketing Strategy: Defining Your Proven Process

Do you have a sales process? A written sales process that defines the life cycle of your customer with your business? Is it important? Should you have one? Of course you should! Otherwise, we wouldn't be talking about it. What is a Proven Process So this is what it...

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