Is your website an empty grave? Is there any life to it? This is not just a question of content and design; you need to find out if top search engines can find your site.

If search engines cannot locate you, your site is dead in the water. It needs a tombstone to locate it.

It helps to understand that Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines cannot find pictures or animation effects. Search engines do not look for “pretty.” You can build the most visually striking website, but no one can find it if it does not have what search engines need.

I hate to oversimplify, but in general, your website should have tabs, headlines, and content. To see if they are search optimization live, place your cursor on anything that you want to check for life. If the cursor turns into a small hand, the spot is alive and can be found by search optimization engines.

Build your Website with these tips in mind.

  • Tell your website designer that “pretty” is nice but not priority. It is more important that a header provide a live link back to your homepage. In addition, the site’s pictures, logo, and company name should link to the site’s blog and Contact Us page.
  • Enter a live email address and Skype phone number on the Contact Us page. And, put a footer, including your email, website, and phone number, on every page of the site.
  • Never put a design artist in charge of your copy. You want print, size, font, color, and background that can be read easily. Comprehension trumps appreciation.
  • Outsource content writing to a professional who understands search engine optimization (SEO). This includes keywords, key phrases, and relevant hyperlinks. Make sure your descriptions, tags, and metatags include these keywords and key phrases.

Now, if you build your own site, revisit it frequently to refresh these keys. Then, ask someone else to explore the site with these tips in mind and build on their advice. If someone else builds your site, stand over their shoulder and pester them towards perfection.

Absent this approach, your website has no life, that is, search engines cannot find it. Save your money and prop a tombstone against it.


by Steven Schlagel