It’s easy to dismiss most Web videos as pure entertainment (or junk). However, all of us have access to see some of the greatest minds and speakers in the world where previously we would have to have traveled to and paid for conferences to be inspired. TED is the best site out there. TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. It started as a small conference of thinkers in Palm Beach, California, but has expanded to more conferences and a brilliant site and online community. With speakers as varied as Bill Gates to Jane Goodall, videos that are top notch in production quality (and load immediately) and a broad variety of topics including business success, you will find yourself itching to watch “just one more”.

This video is from Richard St. John, owner of St. John Group, a marketing firm with top clients like Nortel and Blackberry. He takes about persistance, micromanagement and failure/success. It is brief and to the point. To stay successful, keep doing the things that you did to become successful-including focusing on client needs. It’s short. Many are much longer. Enjoy! And tell us what you think of it.


by Steven Schlagel