The Vancouver Olympics will be ending soon. Steeped in tradition that has lasted thousands of years, the Olympics offer no inherent rewards except for being the best. There is no monetary gain unless you pick up an elusive endorsement.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are like Olympians. They gotta have hope and nerve and go for the GOLD. Sometimes there are great rewards. Often there aren’t. To even get to the Olympics you have to be better than hundreds of thousands of competitors (well, unless you are competing in curling). But is all about pursuing, with 100% conviction, a passion that you are highly skilled at. What lessons can those interested in starting or improving a business take away from these Olympians?

1. Olympians and YOU aim high, so high it seems unrealistic to many.
2. Olympians and YOU accept failure as a possibility, but do not focus on it.
3. Olympians and YOU give it everything in the pursuit of “the dream”. They put in everything they have.
4. Olympians and YOU stay abreast of improved training methods (for you this might mean cutting-edge marketing or employee motivation techniques)
5. Olympians and YOU, unless age or injury is a consideration, end the Olympics focused on the NEXT Olympics (next quarter, next sales meeting)
6. Olympians and YOU focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses.
7. Olympians and YOU do market themselves. They have PR agents and they strive for the elusive endorsement (customer).
8. Olympians and YOU get coached. Are you getting coached, participating in a mastermind group or interacting on our forums? What would an Olympic athlete do?

Like Olympians, start ups and small businesses are faced with odds that are NOT in their favor. Most small businesses fail within 5 years. Most highly trained and skilled athletes never make it to the Olympics. Does that deter? Sure. For plenty it does and they do not succeed. But by focusing on the 8 items above, you can differentiate yourself from the competition. GO FOR IT! We are here to help.


by Steven Schlagel