Grovo is a small, business friendly online training program. A hub for web users, Grovo trains people in the latest ins and outs of social media and other sites – all at no or low-cost, depending on your preferences.

You’ll find easy-to-follow videos on navigating social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as more challenging sites like Google Analytics. It offers self-paced courses for employees with certificates awarded on completion.
Enroll for a free three-day trial, or sign up for $9 per month. (Special programs for larger or more directed business applications run to $190 per month.)

Grovo is a timely innovative idea promising big things. Check it out at You’ll find an extensive list of sites served and courses offered. Grovo writers and voices have created a university of videos, lessons, quizzes, and glossaries. Videos and materials demonstrate high quality, well done, production standards.

The system sets up a personal dashboard from which you can customize and follow your progress to become more proficient in use of sites that promote or manage your business

Grovo begins with a survey (some may find too narrow) that asks you to choose a category:

  • Social Media include Facebook, Quora, Twitter, and others.
  • Productivity has sites such as BasseCamp, Google Docs, Mint, and more.
  • Online Marketing navigates Craigslist, GoDaddy, Facebook Pages, and similar tools.
  • Web Essentials over Chrome, Skype, Firefox and related sites.
  • Shopping offers courses in eBay, PayPal, and Amazon.
  • Entertainment takes you through Yelp, YouTube, Opentable, etc.

Grovo lists course title and duration. The structure of courses is well planned and easy to follow, and I can recommend Grovo, especially to business owners who, frankly, are lost when it comes to the technology overwhelming them and waste time hunting and pecking their way around sites that are less than intuitive.

I also think it is a great tool for training employees to a consistent skill set. How many of your new hires claim a competence that you find they exaggerated? By assigning them to Grovo training, you can follow their progress and be satisfied in a certificated outcome.

What’s the downside? Well, some people find the content to be weak. The scripts sometimes sound like the website’s own public relations. Perky, upbeat, and filled with buzzwords, they are often superficial, failing to drill down into definitions or navigation steps.

Users with a higher level of experience and expertise may find their training needs better served by, But, more about that at a later date!


by Steven Schlagel