Find Focus. Take Action.
Get Unstuck.

Executive coaching and mentoring to help leaders and their teams gain clarity, overcome challenges and make smarter business decisions.

Find Focus. Take Action.
Get Unstuck.

Executive coaching and mentoring to help leaders and their teams gain clarity, overcome challenges and make smarter business decisions.

Too many businesses stay stuck.

The smart ones get help.

The 7 Keys to Business Mastery™ is a simple, proven system that gets your business unstuck, on-track and moving forward.

Gain Clarity

Define your vision. Hone in on your superpower. Make decisions with less worry and more confidence.

Spark Change

Tackle tough topics. Motivate and inspire. Align the team to a shared vision, purpose and goals.

Drive Results

Gain control of your time, business and success. Improve performance, process and profitability.

Spend Less Time Worrying and More Time Winning

What’s missing in your business? If you’re not sure and it’s left you stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated, learn how the 7 Keys to Business Mastery™ creates clarity, helps you master key skills and find the support and accountability you need to drive substantial business breakthroughs.

Failure is Not an Option

Too many organizations and business leaders struggle to find an easier way to drive bottom-line results.

That’s because running a business can be hard. Yet, it’s not as simple as saying you’re just too busy or feeling overwhelmed.

You know that the decisions you make affect every aspect of your organization — from employees to sales to technology, to products and strategy and profitability — everyone looks to you for all the answers.

When you’re stuck working in the business (instead of on the business), day in and day out, it’s hard to see how to move it forward.

Sure, you have the passion, but to make significant and long-lasting changes, you need three things: clarity, mastery and accountability.

I believe every business can learn to win. I know how hard you work to stay in control and how much pressure you are under to do everything right.

And that sometimes, it’s hard to know exactly what piece is missing. I want you to stop working so hard and not getting where you want to go. You can feel the freedom that comes from knowing exactly what to do in every situation, rediscover the joys of building a business and enjoy a life you love.


For over 40 years, I’ve been coaching high-achieving leaders to be successful. As a business owner, I’ve been in your shoes — I’ve been a CPA, lawyer. I’ve started real estate, appraisal, title and insurance companies. And as an investment advisor, consultant and business trainer/coach, I’ve seen all kinds of businesses fail — and succeed.

So, what’s the difference between a great business and a meh, or not-so-good business?

  • Winning businesses know where they’re going. They have a clear roadmap for the next week, the next quarter, the next year and the next three years.
  • They use written process and data to make smart decisions, consistently and profitably.
  • They use a system to ensure they have great employees, they know how to keep them and together, solve problems.
  • They aren’t afraid to ask for help and learn new ways to get unstuck when things aren’t going according to plan.

I hate to see businesses struggle and lose everything they work so hard for. The stakes are too high for everyone…for you, your employees and your families.

Let me show you a better way. Using the 7 Keys to Business Mastery™, I’ll show you a proven system that gets your business unstuck, on-track and moving forward.

This Is Why We Do What We Do…

“One of the great things about Steve is his ability to get us laser-focused in a step-by-step process that was easy to understand and help us pinpoint our greatest challenge (getting the right systems and processes in place to profitably grow our business and still have a life). With Steve’s guidance, we were able to find clarity by defining the vision for where we wanted to go and the processes to get us there –now our whole team is on the same page as we grow profitably and have time for our families.”

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Monica Broderick and Danielle Chick Urban Market

Discover How

The 7 Keys to Business Mastery™ Works


Long-term success starts by learning how to find the right people, and then providing them with the leadership they need to thrive. We’ll teach you how to develop a strong culture (no matter what the economy) and guide you through the process of how to find the best people for every role.


What’s your superpower? Let us help you better understand exactly what you — and your team — do best. And then, we’ll build a laser-like, marketing strategy that keeps your business on-track time and again.


All the great ideas in the world won’t work if you don’t have a plan. We’ll help you understand where you’re going and how to get there by developing a clear, 3-year vision that is the foundation for a 1-year plan you can execute and implement.


The key to successful implementation is a process that creates consistency for both customers and employees. Learn a simple way to write and document your core processes, so you clarify expectations, reduce training time and unify your teams to the same common goal.


Numbers don’t need to be scary. Quit avoiding data and use it to your advantage. We’ll show you how to simplify the overload and make sound business decisions based on facts, not intuition. Stay on top of numbers that matter — so you’re on track and profitable.


Successful businesses solve problems or challenges as they come up. Unsuccessful businesses avoid or ignore. Don’t just deal with the symptoms. Learn how to get to the root cause of any problem, solve it quickly and use it to your advantage to get ahead.


Insight without action is worthless. We’re committed to your long-term success, which means we’re invested in making sure you’re supported at every step of the way. Our weekly 90-minute meetings keep you and your leadership team focused on the shared vision and specific objectives.

What’s your biggest business challenge?

You don’t need to do this alone. Take action, get unstuck and let’s start moving your business forward.


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Transform Your Business

We’ll guide you through a proven, supportive step-by-step process.

Over the years I’ve discovered that successful businesses all have key things in common. How does your business stack up against our checklist?

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