Today we will start a four post series on the four fundamentals of great management. The first of those fundamentals is how you work in your business, meaning the types of relationships that you maintain with the team that you’re managing.

Avoid Micromanaging

There are some enemies to the relationship that you’re going have. One of those is the tendency to micromanage people. No one likes to be micromanaged. You certainly don’t! People need to have the opportunity to be free to learn and grow. By micromanaging and hovering over them, you are wasting your time and preventing them from growing. So remember not to micromanage or smother.

One of the most important things to remember in managing others is to allow them the freedom to fail. If you don’t allow them the freedom to fail, they can never grow. It’s through our failures and the mistakes we make that we gain our greatest growth. Someone once said that you learn almost nothing from success, and almost everything from failure. Create an environment where your team is free to fail. You can then mentor and coach to help them improve and do better. They have to have that opportunity to learn, and that’s how you will work well with them in the business.

Be The Boss, Not The Friend

Don’t be the buddy, be the boss. You’re the leader, not their buddy, and there is a fine line there. A distinction must be made in order to have a good working relationship. You need to be able to encourage a dialogue between you and your team members where they feel very free and comfortable talking to you, and you’re free and comfortable talking with them. There will be a camaraderie that grows, but there still has to be a line. When it is clear that you’re their boss, they will understand you’re looking for ways to help them to achieve all that they can in the business. We’ve talked about this before. As a manager, it is important for you to be able to serve the people around you and help them grow, because to the extent that they’re successful, you’re successful.

It’s Not Always Easy

Sometimes hard things come up and as the boss, and you need to take charge and lead. Just remember that to be a good manager, you must create a good dialogue amongst your team. Avoid micromanaging, give your employees the freedom to fail, and give them the coaching and mentoring they need to succeed. In turn, they will succeed and you will succeed.

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