As many of you already know, I love my iPad. It is fun, a great productivity tool and has a ton of small business and personal/entertainment uses. And, oh, the apps! Personally I feel like it is an affordable piece of gadgetry as well. So you can imagine that I was, like so many other devotees and small business owners, eagerly anticipating the release of the 2nd generation iPad on March 2. Now that I’ve had time to mull it over, here are my thoughts:

If you don’t already own an iPad, go for the iPad 2. If you do own one, it isn’t really necessary to upgrade already.

As most of you know, the iPad 2 has a faster processor (which most reviewers say is barely noticeable to the average user), is lighter (this can be a plus even though it is only a few ounces) and has a very average quality front/rear facing camera (which can be cool for videoconferencing via FaceTime-or completely unnecessary). It also has an HDMI jack if you need that. The biggest plus? The iPad 2 retained its $499 price tag.

I am kind of interested in the new Smart Cover for iPad 2, but it won’t fit snuggly on the existing iPad. In the meantime, there are still decent choices in iPad covers/cases.

I will probably wait to upgrade until my existing iPad starts to let me down in some way or wait for rumors of the next upgrade which may have even more features and an improved camera. But if I didn’t already have this one, I’m confident I would purchase the iPad 2 over the $100 cheaper iPad.

What are your thoughts?


by Steven Schlagel