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Yes. I succumbed. And I’m not the least bit sorry. If you drooled over the iPad when it was released, it was for good reason. The iPad, like the iPhone and iPod before it, is setting the bar for all other manufacturers who are unlikely to come close. Yes, there are some quibbles, but all in all, I love mine. And, besides its sleek design, what makes an iPad a great productivity and entertainment device? The apps (aka applications)! So, if you have an iPad or are considering purchasing one, here are some of my favorites for business:

Perfect Browser Highly improves your overall browsing experience with tabs, allows you to set your search engine, enables desktop renderings of web pages.

Dropbox Allows online cloud storage of your files with the ability to share them with others. 2GB of storage is free and cost goes up based on how much storage you need. iPad app is easy to use.

Evernote I love Evernote which is essentially a personal web-clipping site/tool. As you are browsing and come across information you want to keep or share, you can “clip” pieces and save them for future research or to refer back to. The iPad app is brilliant and the link takes you to the story behind the scenes of developing an app.

USA Today This is where the iPad really excels-in online magazines, newspapers and books (Amazon’s popular Kindle is already in trouble because of iBooks). USA Today’s app is easy-to-read and intuitive. That’s all we ask.

Whiteboard A nifty little app for sharing business notes from your meetings and conferences. Take a photo and the app cleans it up and allows you to directly email to all of your meeting stakeholders!

Craigslist Pro I use Craigslist for a variety of reasons, including recruiting staff. Craigslist itself hasn’t changed much since it was founded (lots of people complain about this!), so the fact that the iPad app is so user-friendly is a nice surprise.

Ok. So those are my business apps. Here are a few of my downtime favorites:

Shredder The best chess app I’ve encountered so far!

FlickStackr One of my primary hobbies is photography and Flickr is one of my primary photo storage sites. FlickStackr gives full Flickr functionality (say THAT three times fast!) to the iPad. I use it regularly.

Logos I’m also a man of faith so the Logos iPad Bible download is appreciated. Offers access to a variety of Bibles and study guides and it is free.

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by Steven Schlagel