Today we’re going to talk about seven key ways to ensure sure that your business never solves a problem, never solves an issue, and continues to be stuck for the rest of your life. That’s kind of a tongue in cheek approach, but it’s something for you to think about. Do you suffer from any of these?

#1 The first was is to ignore issues and ignore problems. It happens all the time, doesn’t it?

#2 The second way is to discuss the issues and that’s all, just discuss them. Discuss and play with the symptoms. Talk about all of the different obstacles and difficulties and why you can’t get there and why you might be able to get there, rather than addressing what action needs to be done. I’ve been there, done that. Lot’s of people do.

#3 The third way is that no one is responsible to carry a solution through. You can come up with a solution, but no one is given the responsibility to act on it, nor is there an implementation plan in place to get it done. So you end up stuck in the same place.

#4 The fourth key way to mess it up is when everyone is afraid to make a decision. This could be for a variety of reasons, right? I might step on someone’s toes or hurt someone’s feelings, or that’s too hard, it’s going to take too much time, we don’t have time to do that, or we don’t have resources to accomplish it. So we push it off to the side and never get it done. You don’t make the decision.

#5 The fifth is group decision making. Get your team together and everyone has got to agree on it. You need a consensus decision and you can’t get to a consensus decision, and so it stays and the problem never gets solved. It never goes away because there are one or more holdouts Instead, it ends up being a great therapy session where everyone is trying to lobby and help people deal with whatever side issues are going on. Does that ever happen? Probably more than we’d like to say.

#6 The sixth item is that we’re too busy to pay attention to what the issues even are. We’re busy firefighting and dealing with the urgent issues of the day. This is the guaranteed way to make sure that we never solve our problems and never solve an issue. We can’t even pursue the next opportunity because we’re up to here in alligators. Has that ever happened to you? It happens to everyone.

#7 The seventh key way to make sure that you never solve problems is to make sure that you allow things like internal politics, egos and personal agendas into the room. In my opinion, that’s one of the most difficult areas for a lot of businesses. Everyone is posturing, everyone is looking out for their own agenda, and no one is thinking about the greater good. If you want continue to focus on those things instead of the greater good, I can guarantee you will successfully not solve problems.

In the next video we’ll take a look at seven ways or seven keys to actually making the decision and solving the problem, rather than these fun seven ways to ensure that you drop the ball totally.Thanks so much for visiting and feel free to check out my other videos for more ideas on how to break through and reach the next level in your business. And, if you like this video, please subscribe.