We’re at the third part of our four post series on the fundamentals to great management. Today, we are going to talk about managing expectations. In managing expectations, there are three expectations that you have to be clear on with each of the people that report to you.

#1 Know Your Role

The first expectation is is what their role is. It is important to clearly communicate to employees what their role is, and we’ve talked about the tool we use for that — the accountability chart. This tool identifies each of the roles within the organization and what the outcomes or results are for each of those roles. Whatever seat this person is sitting in, you need to make sure that you’ve communicated to them your expectations by identifying the role or the seat that they’re in and the outcomes or expectations you have for them. This includes the processes that you expect them to follow and how they’re going to be measured.

#2 Know The Culture

The second thing that you want to communicate is the culture that is expected within your organization. This includes the character, values and attitudes that you expect your team to have. You need to be clear on this and reinforce it to every person in the company so that everyone understands what is expected of them. You want to surround yourself with like-minded people who share the same values, character and attitude, so all can come together cohesively to fulfill the seats that they sit in. This will help to gain traction on accomplishing your objectives and your vision for the company.

#3 Know The Measures

And thirdly, everyone needs to know what the measures are going be. I’ve said it before that you measure what matters, as we use key predictive indicators for that. You need to have one to three measures that each person in the organization has to evaluate whether they’re doing the things that are going to achieve success for them. It’s important for them to know these measures because it’s your definition of success within their role. If you don’t communicate these expectations to them, they don’t know what you want.

These are really the three keys to doing well at communicating your expectations. What is the role or outcome that they’re going to have, what are the values you expect them to abide by, and how are they being measured. If you do these three things, you will have communicated your expectations clearly and be well on your way to being a great manager.

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