If you are looking for an alternative to your current HR data management software, workday.com just might be the answer.

You already know that the Cloud is a virtual place for storage and data, reducing user risk and server expenses. For some time, you have been able to save correspondence, records, memos, emails, etc. in the Cloud to enjoy ease of access. However, users are finding an increasing number of specialized applications. Enter workday.com.

Caution: This application would only be of interest to employers of a “certain” size because its total service package may be more than you need. Still, I think the site and the idea are worth exploring.

Workday offers you a wide spectrum of payroll needs:

  • Enter payroll data on each worker on single page.
  • Run multiple pay groups together.
  • Empower employees to access online pay slips, tax statements, tax and payment options.
  • Update tax changes automatically.
  • Calculate and retrieve exceptions and fiscal numbers with flexibility and accuracy.

Workday offers payroll Co-Sourcing to:

  • Reduce manual effort in payroll processing, taxes, and garnishments.
  • Provide visibility and audit controls.
  • Offer one-click management of unique situations like termination.
  • Reduce need to transmit data to processing center or to wait on record batching.
  • Integrate and monitor payroll activities against other budget behavior.
  • Forecast overtime impacts, calculate pay ranges, and predict cash flow.

Workday provides reports on many things:

  • Compensation management
  • Absenteeism
  • Employee Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning

After reviewing all this, I have to say that Human Resources Management is more complex and important than a website can handle. Human Capital Management serves its purpose but lacks the personal touch only you can bring to the mix. However, I feel it is worth exploring Cloud opportunities for HR data management.

What I like is:

  • Lower cost of ownership in your ability to outsource some clerical activities and redeploy personnel and IT resources.
  • Valuable actionable analytics, information and cross discipline data that improves management decision making.
  • Efficiencies in processing payroll for multiple teams like those in various construction locations, and in having personal ownership of the data wherever you are – on site or not, pc or mobile device.

Take a look – it provides introductory videos and webinars – to see what you think!


by Steven Schlagel