Today we’re looking at defining what we really sell. It’s not so much the product or service that we provide to our customer, but it’s something else. What is it? It tends to be a result or an outcome. Perhaps it’s a solution or an experience, an emotion or a feeling, but it’s never “the thing”.

You must always keep that in mind. People don’t buy “the thing.” There is an old adage said that, “people don’t buy drill bits, they buy holes.” Who the heck wants a drill bit, you want a hole, right? That is a solution to a need that they have and when you understand the type of hole that they need, whether they’re drilling in steel, wood or drywall, you can do a better job of providing that solution. They’re not just looking for a solution, they’re looking for an experience. You don’t buy a trip to go on vacation just for the fun of having a trip. You do it for an experience, a feeling, an opportunity, a connection with your family, etc.

What I want you to think about is what it is that you really sell, because once you lock in on that and you really understand what it is that you sell, it can make a huge, huge difference. You can then connect with what the customer really wants. I encourage you to take some time to think about what is your customer really buying from you. Again, not the product or service, but the result, the outcome, the solution, the experience, the feeling. Figure out what it is, lock in on it, and you’ll connect better and communicate better with your customer. You’ll meet their needs, which will in turn help you to be more successful.

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