Today we’re going to look at your point of fascination. This is basically your point of engagement and what makes customers raving fans of you. This is really important!

We’ve already talked about three points of differentiation, the three ways that your business is unique from another business. While other people can try to copy that, they can’t copy the unique connection that you have. I want to find that one point of fascination, or that one point of engagement where people really get excited about dealing with you.

How To Define It

In your particular business, you’ll know that a customer will come in and ask for you specifically. No one else will do. Or, they’ll ask for Joe. No one else will do. Or they’ll ask for Janice, and no one else will do. When you see those things happening, ask yourself why. Why is it that they only want talk to you, or to Joe, or to Janice? They have a special connection there, and what you need to do is figure out what it is.

An Example

For example, my point of fascination or my point of engagement with customers is breakthrough solutions. I like to break things down to just a couple of words. Now, the reason I say that is because people come to me with their business issues when they’re stuck and when they can’t figure out why. They don’t know what to do and they appreciate my unique approach to helping them discover how to get “unstuck”, how to break through and get to the next place. They come to me because they love my breakthrough solutions, and so we work together to do just that. That’s that special connection. No one else does it the same way that I do it. Certainly other people do what I do, but not the way I do it. So that’s a special unique connection I have that creates raving fans in my customer base.

What is it in yours? Figure it out and then take advantage of it. Use it in your business. It is that special connection that keeps those customers with you for a long, long time.

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