Do you have a sales process? A written sales process that defines the life cycle of your customer with your business? Is it important? Should you have one? Of course you should! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about it.

What is a Proven Process

So this is what it is. You want to have a consistent experience for your customers. So, from the time they are a prospect through their entire lifecycle with you, there should be a consistent process that’s in place so that each customer can expect a consistent experience. You’ve got a way of doing things that has made you successful with your very best customers. You want to think about what that is and document it because you want every single person in your organization to follow it. That’s why we have processes. So that we can provide consistency to our customers.

What Happens When You Don’t Have a Process

When we don’t have a process that we can articulate, share with people and hopefully have written down, then each customer can experience something different. A business like a restaurant is a great example. Sometimes there is a waiter or a waitress or someone that provides a very consistent experience. You always know what you’re going to get from them. Maybe there is be a different person that waits on you one day and the experience is completely different. What if that experience was consistent? The best restaurants make sure that there is an extremely consistent experience so they can provide a high level of service to their patrons.

Keep It Simple

You want to think about that too. What is the first step, second step, third step? Don’t make this complicated. Keep it high level. Usually, I like to see maybe four to seven steps in the process of going from prospect on. And, depending on your business, they’re going to be different steps. So what is that experience? What do you want everyone to have as they go through that?

Think about other businesses that you’ve dealt with that do provide a consistent experience. Think about it. Break it apart. What do they do the same way every time? How do they keep that consistency in place? It shouldn’t be hard for you to figure it out, because think about your very best customers. You serve them in a very particular way, so document it. Break it down and document it. It may only be one page! All you need is one piece of paper with some bullet points as to what the process is and then you can share it with your team. Make sure that everyone gets on board with it so that you have this proven process by which you serve your customers and they become delighted and raving fans.

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