I want to give you a little introduction to marketing strategy. We’ll go through six additional videos that will get more in-depth on our overall marketing strategy, so this will simply be an overview.

#1 Let’s first touch on our target market and understanding who our ideal client or ideal customer is. This is super important because we have to communicate to that person in all of our advertising and all of our communications like our website and social media copy. We have to have a clear picture of who this ideal customer is.

#2 The second thing is we need to understand what it is that we really sell. It’s not the tangible product or the service that we might provide, but rather the experience or the outcome. The result that our customer gets. That’s what they’re looking for! Not so much the product itself, but what they’re going to get out of it and what their benefit is going to be from it.

#3 The third thing we’re going to look at is what our uniques are. People can buy from many different places, and we want to be the one that they buy from. So what sets us apart from our competition? Why should they buy from us? We’ll take a look at what our uniques are so that we understand them better.

#4 Next, we’ll take a look at how we create raving fans and figure out what our point of fascination or engagement is. Why do they want to deal with us personally? There is a special connection there that makes them a great customer for a long time, so we need to be able to understand what that is so we get that special connection and deepen that relationship. This is something that a lot of people miss when developing their marketing strategy, so we want to be sure that we get it.

#5 Proven process. What is the process? What is the sales process? How do we bring someone from prospect into customer and into an ongoing relationship? There may be four, five, six, or even seven points to that. You’ll see how we create a little bullet point list to make sure that we understand what it is that we communicate with everyone on our team. We want our customers to have that consistent experience when they deal with us. This is extremely important to retaining our customers.

#6 Finally, we’ll look at guarantees and whether or not your business needs a guarantee, promise or pledge in order to take some hurdles down and make it easier for your customer to buy from you. Some businesses need that, but not every business does. We’ll take a look and see whether or not yours does!

In closing, I encourage you to listen to the next six videos. They’ll really help you to clarify your marketing strategy. We want to have a clear marketing strategy communicated to our entire team to give our customers a consistent experience and lock them into a long-term relationship with us.

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