More often than not, when a client comes to us frustrated by their lack of progress, we hear things like:

  • Our leadership/management meetings are extremely unproductive, and no one wants to be there.
  • My leadership team doesn’t hold each other accountable for the goals and results we ALL want.
  • I often find myself working ‘in’ the business more often than working ‘on’ the business.
  • My team is always in ‘firefighter’ mode and it feels like no one is in charge or in control…least of all, me.
  • I feel stuck. I’m not getting the results I want, which keeps me from growing or scaling the company the way I want.

The frustration is understandable. You’ve invested a considerable amount of time and money into making sure the business not only succeeds, but thrives.

You and your Leadership Team have worked hard to gain clarity about your vision and your goals, yet progress toward those goals – accomplishment of your rocks and resolution of issues – is slow and sometimes painful.

And you know that the longer this continues, the bigger the stakes. After all, failure to accomplish your Rocks, means you miss your One Year Goals…  and then eventually, your Three Year Goals as well…

You invested the time and money, you have a clear way forward. But everything you learned is worthless if you don’t have accountability!

“Clarity without accountability leaves you stuck. If you want breakthrough results, accountability isn’t optional.”

Steve Schlagel



If you want the breakthrough results that you know are possible, you and your Leadership Team must be relentless about holding each other accountable on a regular, recurring basis.

And that happens in the Weekly Meetings.

If your Weekly Meetings aren’t “Level 10” – if they aren’t keeping you and your Leadership Team focused and accountable for solving issues in your business, you risk STAYING stuck.

We can help.


Each package below is available for:




A member of our team is the acting Integrator at your weekly meetings, fully participating and running the meeting.

As we approach the end of the engagement, we’ll move to the Coaching option, giving you the time and space to transition to the Meeting Integrator role. 



A member of our team attends your weekly meetings as an observer, then meets with the acting Integrator immediately after the meeting to offer feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Over the years, our business had evolved. We grew rapidly, changed locations and had changes in our team. We weren’t sure how to control the growth and what direction we should go. Not only did we feel stuck, we found ourselves so busy in the business that it seemed to be running our lives. One of the great things about Steve is his ability to get us laser-focused in a step-by-step process that was easy to understand and help us pinpoint our greatest challenge (getting the right systems and processes in place to profitably grow our business and still have a life). With Steve’s guidance, we were able to find clarity by defining the vision for where we wanted to go and the processes to get us there –now our whole team is on the same page as we grow profitably and have time for our families.”

Monica Broderick and Danielle Chick

Urban Market

Oh wow, has our business changed…

We’re a small company, not that far from being a start-up. And as we grow, we wanted to develop and protect our culture. Our employees are amazing, and we wanted that to continue. We learned how to articulate our culture, so we could find and bring on more great people.

Internally, we weren’t very efficient, and our lack of processes was starting to hurt our consistency and efficiency. To continue to grow we needed to learn how to create the processes we needed. Steve helped us to implement a simple method of setting and documenting those processes.

Working with Steve has completely shifted the way we think (and talk) about our business. Overall, we’re way more efficient than we ever were before. If there’s an internal issue, we solve it oncebecause we now have or create a process to follow. We know how to articulate what we do. It has improved our margins, allowing us to serve our customers even better.

We also developed a one-year vision for the business – not only can everyone in the company understand what we’re trying to do, but it’s helped us make smart, everyday decisions more quickly. And the most surprising part about working with Steve? The workshops and processes are FUN and enjoyable.

Our customers know what to expect from us too. We have a sales process that defines the experience from first contact through end of project – ‘The Stud’s Success Timeline’. The payoff? Our new culture has spread to the community, customers are happier, and they tell us ‘you’re exactly the kind of people I want to work with.’

Russell Gartner & Adam Hirshberg

Studs Lumber