Here is a quote from a short book that I am writing on the lost art of motivating employees:

“The best people to hire are those who have a combination of character, attitude, and skills. Of the three, I would hire character and attitude before skills. You can always teach skills.

You must set in your mind, what the character and attitude is that you seek in employees that you hire. This will aid you in the interview process to ensure the best possible employee.

In addition, because it is so difficult to find employees to hire who have good character and attitude, you want to be clear about the traits that you are looking for so that you have the opportunity to train and develop those in your employees. And don’t forget, the best way to teach character and attitude is to display it in your own life.”

The book goes through some of the key character traits you need to look for to hire employees who are motivated or who can be motivated. Too often we don’t ask interview questions and check references looking for the character traits we need in our business. Without a clear idea of what you want, how can you expect to succeed in hiring the very best employees?


by Steven Schlagel