I just read an article from a 2009 issue of Fortune Small Business about backing up your hard drive. It had some disturbing information: 76% of small business owners have lost files due to hard drive failure! AND, what I didn’t know, was that newer flash drives (supposedly the saving grace of computing) will crash as well. We must back up, even though it is a bother. Your personal files are one thing, but to lose crucial business files can impact you in a way that your personal files won’t: financially.

You can, of course, use additional hard drives (external) to backup your files, but these will also fail and won’t protect you in case of a natural disaster like Nashville’s unexpected floods or a fire. Still, backing up to an external drive is better than nothing.

A better, more secure option is to use an online storage service like MozyPro. Mozy allows for both PC, laptop and server backup, does file encryption automatically, has an easy-to-use interface and is affordable (desktops: $3.95+ $.0.50/GB per month; servers: $6.95 + $0.50/GB month). To speed backups, after the initial one Mozy can recognize and only backup changes and new files versus doing full system backups each time. A simple download and setup and you can automatically back up your data routinely.

Other online backup solutions that get decent marks are SOS Online Backup, Carbonite, and Data Deposit Box. You can quibble over features if you want but it doesn’t mean much if you aren’t doing anything at all! Pick a program and protect your data now.

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by Steven Schlagel