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QR codes are everywhere, but if you are like many people, you haven’t really noticed them on all kinds of products and in various places. QR=”quick response” and the Japanese are the creative force behind them. Developed back in 1994, they are exploding in all kinds of ways. I recently stopped to look into a shop and noticed one of these codes on their window. With a smart phone QR code app, I could scan this (they’ve signed up with Google Places) and get all kinds of information about the store! Right there… When a QR code is used in this way, it is called “mobile tagging”.

While QR codes were originally designed to identify parts in automobiles, their use has been growing daily as an ideal partner for the web and smart phones. You can find QR codes on business cards, on promotional and marketing products, on physical property (as mentioned above), geolocation tagging is using QR codes and many companies are offering discounts to folks who scan their code.

How can you get a QR code for your business? It is surprisingly easy.There are several online QR code generators and they vary. Kaywa is offers you the QR code image that links to your website and not much more. Stickybits allows you to print out QR code stickers (and offer your code on a lot of other products like apparel as well!) and incorporates social networking. iCandy allows you to generate and then track and view stats when your code is scanned.

Take a few moments and consider how you might use a QR code for your small business, do a bit of online research into other companies practices, and then go and generate one!

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by Steven Schlagel