Small business hiring is surging! Truly, the news is improving. Even if you only want to add one new person to your team, what are 5 things you can do to find remarkable candidates (and how do you know they are remarkable)?

1. Times have changed. Few people stay at jobs for 5+ years. Be flexible on this. Ask why they left.

2. Be sure you have let your staff (past and present) and your customers know you are hiring. A good old fashioned “help wanted” sign still does wonders for some positions. Referrals are the best source of good candidates.

3. Look on craigslist. Scan for resumes or post a free ad.

4. Be proactive. Don’t wait until someone gives notice. Keep a pool of qualified candidates tucked away for future reference.

5. List your opening on your Facebook page and other social media sites.

What are you looking for in this new team member?

1. Enthusiasm. If they don’t sound happy to hear from you, they probably aren’t. You will have to provide the motivation they don’t have if you bring them on board. My suggestion? Don’t.

2. Curiosity. Candidates who ask questions, who want to know about your business and who prep ahead of time are generally worth further consideration.

3. Communication. Can they write and speak well? Do they know how to manage technology? Do they have questions for you? Do they respond to your calls and emails quickly? These are all tell-tale signs of an active/engaged/professional employee.

Is your small business hiring or at least considering it? I’d love to know in the comments section below.


by Steven Schlagel