Want to decrease Information Technology costs and improve internal processes? With the advent of cloud computing and Software as a Service, giant server racks and complicated networks are fast becoming outdated. Depending on your industry and business size, you may be able to tap into some of this innovative technology.

You and your staff may need nothing more than a laptop or tablet with a browser, internet connection, and, maybe, a flash drive. Don’t kick your IT guy to the curb yet – you need traininggeared to tomorrow’s needs. Read on for a quick overview of what’s possible:

  • Things happen in the Cloud, and you had better know how to get there. Google has leapt ahead of Microsoft, offering a whole suite of office applications for Cloud storage. SaaS (Software as a Service) applications allow a huge selection of applications to help you maximize your business use of the Cloud. If this know-how is not your strength, seek advice and training.
  • Small businesses appear to market themselves fairly well. They have learned to exploit social media and virtual networking. More important, online marketing tools – logo design, search optimization, mobile websites, and more – are multiplying. You need to figure out what your short term and long-term marketing needs are and train to that future success.
  • Watch out for your visibility. As the number of small businesses grows exponentially, your web visibility will fade – if you do not work at it. Study online options to improve your search optimization. Understand search optimization and search engine marketing (SEM) are becoming more complex and may need expert advice. Spend the money to stay ahead of this curve.
  • Sites, like GroupOn and ScoutMob, provide super deals when a specific number of people sign on. Such sites do not work for all businesses, but where you have a product or customer service to offer, extend a discount to pull the traffic in. GroupOn and similar sites will gladly train you.

Use the web to locate Information Technology training courses. Do not trust the “free” training course; you will get what you pay for. Let your research build your basic understanding of definitions and tools. But, seek quality expertise, advice, and training on specific needs and the integration of apps and tools. You’re still going to need your IT consultant – but in a more proactive consulting and training role.


by Steven Schlagel