think big-used

Of course, I’m talking about your small business purpose. But life and business are intertwined. Often people are burning to strike out on their own but are a bit lost as to what business to start. I think it helps to back out of the business arena and ask what you want out of life. Yes, yes. Money, success and if you are very young, that may be all you mean. But how do YOU define truly success?

According to new research, the joy that a purchase brings lasts, at best, nine months. So, sure, make a list of the things you want, but then realize, relationships are what makes for long-lasting happiness. You’d be better prepared, in life and business, to ask “what kind of people do I want to spend my time with?” AND “what kind of people do I want to serve?” Because if you are going to run a small business, you are going to build and manage relationships 90% of the time and 60+ hours per week.

Then, ask what kind of environment you want to toil in. Do you want to be in retail where you must be open 10-11 hours per day, 6-7 days per week? Do you have that kind of stamina? Or do you trust your ability to find reliable capable staff to manage things when you can’t be there? Many people have started storefronts only to realize they had no life outside of the store. Would you rather be outside, with a large or small group, providing a service or product?

Don’t forget when exploring (or re-exploring) what your purpose is in life and business to investigate what values are most important to you? Freedom, making a contribution, faith, power-all of these are values. What are yours?

Finally, do you have the skills or aptitude for the particular dream you are developing? Can you be mentored or study to build those skills. Passion is imperative, yes, but passion isn’t enough. You have to have a skill set that partners with determination, stamina and passion to realize your purpose and to reach small business success.

Look. The purpose of this site and my coaching business has always been to rescue small business owners from drudgery. This post aims to help you avoid it by making a good choice from the beginning.


by Steven Schlagel