One of the things that people ask me sometimes is, “How can I make my business smarter and how can I be smarter at what I’m doing in my business?” I want remind you that it’s not just about being smart, but it’s also about being healthy. When I talk about being healthy, I’m not talking about exercising, I’m talking about healthy communications and healthy relationships within your business. It’s important for your business to be both smart and healthy.

A smart business has intelligent strategic plans, great product development and excellent execution. Sometimes when the going gets tough, your better employees will pack their bags up and go somewhere else, and the reason they do that is because you don’t have a healthy business.

What Makes a Healthy Business

A healthy business is one where there really are very little, if any, politics going on, and there isn’t a level of confusion. Employees actually know where you’re going, they share common values and goals, and everyone is on the same page. It’s important to foster that attitude within your organization because healthy businesses become a true team, almost a family if you will, that are able to pull together. When times get difficult and these things are hard to get done, you want have a group of people that can pull together and persevere. These folks are going hang in there and go through the tough stuff with you. If there are politics and posturing, and people trying to look out for their own best interest, then you don’t have a healthy business.

Give Clarity

Really focus on giving clarity to everyone on your team. Everyone should know what your vision is, the direction that you’re going and what you’re trying to accomplish. The team needs to know that you care about the culture of the business and that the people around them are supportive in that regard, and that they’re not just looking out for their own best interest. When you do these things and develop that culture,  you become a very strong company.

In fact, I’d rather be healthier than smarter. We need to be both healthy and smart, but of the two, healthy businesses survive, while smart businesses don’t always survive. So give this some thought in how you are leading your team and your business to future success.

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