No doubt, many of you wonder what a coach is, especially one without a whistle around their neck. There are many types of business and life coaches and the coaching relationship is unique to the coach and the client. However, there are some key things you can expect when you start working with me as your coach.

I work with each client on two primary areas: one is defining your personal life goals and the second is setting up or transforming your business to be the mechanism that helps you obtain these personal goals-without absorbing
all of your available time. Many people have never taken the time to really think about what success means to them. When all is said and done, what is it that you and your family desire most? Your business can often be the vehicle that gets you there.

In the coaching process, I work with you to identify the things you need to DO in order to achieve success and then hold you accountable to follow through. I help you set up an action plan with deadlines, I “walk” beside you and check in to see how you are doing. If you get stuck , we work together to examine what that’s about and revise your plan as necessary. It isn’t just about talking. It’s about actionable follow-up items. I set high expectations for you and myself. Thus, your results should be visible.

Like most coaches, I generally practice by phone and email, sometimes in person. I usually practice one-on-one, but sometimes will offer group coaching. I offer a variety of price packages to make coaching affordable for my clients.

I strive, just like a sports coach, to inspire and motivate and motivate my clients.

Unlike some other coaches, I have the background and expertise in small business to offer more services to my clients. With 30 years of small business consulting and coaching as a CPA, attorney, and Certified Financial Planner, I not only help you with idea generation and accountability, but also with the nuts and bolts of growing your small business. As always, 30 minute consultations are free.


by Steven Schlagel