Oh. The Consumer Electronics Show…filled with all kinds of toys, gadgets, productivity and entertainment devices. Expansive and visually overwhelming, there are more vendors than any visitor could possibly take in. So, in the midst of that, one device clearly stood out as the future of mobile and personal computing. PC World heralded it as a “huge step” in personal computing. The Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone IS the future.

Smartphones are becoming the most useful and personal of our computing devices, there when you need them with increasing power, speed and memory. Motorola marries this technology with the need for a work-focused solution by enabling the Atrix to dock with a laptop sized visual display and keyboard, while using the smartphone as the “computer”. (Should I even use quotations marks? I’m not sure).

The Atrix is Android OS based which I’m sure is making Apple green with envy. In addition to docking capabilities, the Atrix has a dual core processor just like your desk/laptop. When docked it will allow you to run a full capacity PC version of Firefox and also has USB ports!

In fairness, it should also be noted that there was a lot of chatter about the Motorola Xoom tablet that is meant to compete directly with Apple. But I’m sort of married to my iPad so I’ll take a “wait and see” on that story.

Intrigued by the Atrix? Let me know below.


by Steven Schlagel