Apple iPad

I’ve had my iPad for awhile now and you know what? Love it more than ever. It is a great productivity tool (and really fun!) Wrote a post back in June about some of my favorite apps to use with it. Read about it here. Thought I’d update on some more great uses for the iPad today.

When I’m out and about visiting with clients and others I see many are using those clunky old netbooks, trying to get something compact to carry that can still give them some functionality. I admit I had one once too. Problem was the keyboard was so small I just couldn’t type effectively on it. So soon after buying it I gave to my son and hoped something better would come along. Then I found the iPad and it really was the answer.

You can carry the small (but with full size keys) Apple bluetooth keyboard if you need to do much typing and don’t want to use the built in touch keyboard. The combination of the iPad and the keyboard is still smaller than most netbooks. The keyboard isn’t any bigger than the iPad itself. But I haven’t found a need to do that.

One of the apps I use is Penultimate. It lets you create multiple notebooks and you simply write on the iPad screen and it records your notes, in your own handwriting (always a downside). Later you can email your notes, a single page or the whole notebook, to yourself, a colleague, or your secretary. Very convenient.

I was recently at a board meeting and everyone had all their paper and notebooks pulled out of their stuffed briefcases and I come in with just my iPad. Felt great to be so compact, organized, and efficient. Before I left the meeting my notes were already in my paperless system. How? By using the DropBox app. After putting my notes into my DropBox app it synced up my laptop and the desktop back in my office.

DropBox makes a backup of any data you want to a secure server online (in the cloud, as they say). It then syncronizes all the computers you told it to. In my case, my office and home computers. Nice, very nice.

Last post I talked about the 80/20 principle and how to be sure that you spent your time on 20 percent of the things that produced 80 percent of the results. Well, my iPad and DropBox do that for me. What are you waiting for?

Just an aside on great iPad apps. I came across a great post that Omar Adams put me on to. It covers 20 great personal finance apps for the iPad. Be sure to check it out.


by Steven Schlagel