Many years ago I was hired to help guide a business through a significant period of growth. This was before I could articulate the 7 Timeless Keys to Business Mastery.

The company had less than 10 employees but was poised to grow to over 50 within 2 years.

The challenge was to build the right team to sustain the growth while not dropping the ball on customer service. The business had one owner in management and one key employee in management. Neither had any significant training or experience so I was brought in to help.

My methodology was to structure the company into seven key departments and hire a manager for each who would share the ideal character traits of a leader and have great job skills. The job market was very positive for us at the time.

Essentially, I found the right people, defined the right seats and put those people in them. It was pretty close to what we do in the People Module now. The process was extremely efficient and successful.

Two years later I had worked myself out of a job! In the process of leaving I had the opportunity to throw an appreciation party for my team of seven. I dressed up like a cowboy and the theme was the movie “The Magnificent Seven”. It was my way of sharing with them that I thought, and still do, that they were The Magnificent Seven.

All the success we had was due to having the right people in the right seats and it resulted in their talent collectively being unleashed.

The best thing I ever did was to get out of the way!


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