You are beginning to get quite an education on social networking here at My Small Business Mentor. I want you to flex your online muscles just a bit more by offering you even more places to gain FREE exposure for you and your business!

Most of the important business magazines like Wired, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Inc. allow you to register, set up a profile and interact on their sites. Take advantage of this and keep an eye out for stories that you can comment on.

Its probable that you have an account for shopping, but many people don’t realize that Amazon has its own built in community. You can set up a profile, add contacts, interact with other members, write book reviews and more. Amazon gets some of the largest traffic on the Internet. Take advantage of it! is the Technology, Education and Design video site with some of the most educated and innovative thinkers and speakers on the planet. You can set up a profile, designate keywords about yourself, find others with similar attributes and give input on videos that have impacted you-or not. Do the same on YouTube. And while you are at it, put some of your video testimonials on YouTube as well.

Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Technorati are all Web site recommendation/bookmarking sites. You can post your own blog posts there and invite followers to see what other sites you are linking to or like. I’ve had especially good luck getting new site visitors from Reddit.

Check out niche sites. There are online communities and sites for nearly every business or career. Martindale-Hubbell


by Steven Schlagel